Do you want your child to be a leader in this community—to participate in something larger than themselves? If so, consider the Scott Anderson Leadership Forum. The week-long intensive leadership training teaches high school students multiple servant-leadership skills in a fun and interactive way. By week’s end, your child will have developed the following skills:

  • listening and learning about yourself and others,
    finding humor and fun in tasks,
  • developing a contagious enthusiasm for tasks,
  • finding a passion and focus on personal and corporate visions,
  • gaining effective and genuine communication skills,
  • being appreciative and affirming of others,
  • honoring diversity and developing teamwork to uplift others and yourself to achieve the best for your community.

In addition, they will meet and develop relationship with students from other schools through formal groups and discussions as well as informal fun!


One of the 2015 Scott Anderson Leadership Forum small groups doing community service in Canal Park

What is the Forum?
The Scott Anderson Leadership forum is an intensive, week long training session for high school students. The purpose of the forum is to foster development of the leadership skills and values of high school students in an ongoing and consistent manner, commensurate with the principles and values set forth by the Scott D. Anderson Leadership Foundation.

Should my child attend?
Students who have a commitment to be open, honest, and cooperative throughout the workshop and to learning and adopting the principles of servant-leadership should attend this training opportunity.

How can my child get involved?
Prior to applying, students must first be nominated by a SALF staff member. To see a complete listing of contacts, follow this link.

My child has been nominated. Now what?
If you've determined you want your child to participate in the Forum, begin the application process. Once complete, send the application form and a $200 non-refundable check to your child's contact.